Construction of houses and cottages

Construction of houses and kottedzheyVy already defined with a choice – buy a house or build a new one? Let us briefly review the main pros and cons of buying and building: If you buy any ready-to-implement real estate in Kaluga, whether it be a cottage, the old house or apartment, in addition to its high market value, the price include the cost of interest on the transaction, agency and cheating God knows what else, with the result that you get the object in the form in which it was built by someone else’s layout. For this price you can expect to draft their own cottage of brick, made of sandwich panels of the permanent shuttering of the foam blocks or from the log cabins. On the other hand, buying a finished house, you do not have to wait for the day of completion cottage. In the design of your future home can be turned on all that would be like. Also, you can control it from the design phase. In the already-built house, you can change the layout, without disturbing the load-bearing structures, which significantly reduces your vozmozhnosti. Mif that the construction of a cottage in Kaluga – expensive – does not have any evidence. Modern technology and construction materials allow you to build cottages and houses for a reasonable price while maintaining high quality, durability and efficiency of the building. In addition, referring to our company, you get a professional project, which will be brought to life specialists with extensive experience in building houses and cottages rabot. Stroitelstvo turnkey in Kaluga is our skate. We provide a full range of work: the creation and proektaplanirovanie raschetpodgotovka plot строительствостроительство home or kottedzhapodvodka kommunikatsiyvneshnyaya and interior kottedzhalandshaftny dizaynustanovka zaboraStroitelstvo houses of brick in Kaluge. Kirpichnye cottages are very popular and attractive to the Russian real estate market and it is not surprising, because the beautiful cottage of brick and very durable. Of course, the cost of such houses is high when compared with houses made of sandwich panels, but they are durable and will present a fortress, not only for you but for your children and grandchildren. In addition, over time, the cottage of brick will only gain in value and your cost of construction, in fact, are a major investment in the future semi. Bogaty experience of “The Idea Story” in the design and construction of brick houses, will help you to implement any ideas. Call now at 8 (960) 516-36-86. We work for you kruglosutochno. Rekomenduem also watch: Finishing flats, apartments, cottages, apartment renovation and decorating projects in Kaluge. Dizayn apartments, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and homes

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